Welcome to our website. This is not going to be a traditional campaign where we are going to run against a single party or single candidate. This is a campaign for this community, fighting against a corrupt system. Our campaign is about neighbors, community, and Missouri values.

My belief is that the biggest political issues are the ones we face every day. From the pothole in the street to our children’s education our biggest issues are not even considered by out-of-touch Jefferson City politicians who have never visited our community yet are happy to override our votes and voices to advance their careers. 

We need a member of our community who understands what it means to be born here and live here to represent us in Jefferson City. More and more we see the state government reaching into our community to make decisions about our schools, our city government, and our livelihoods.

Our campaign is about us, the things we think are important: our neighbors, family, and values. 

We need common sense approaches to community improvement: job creation that benefits both businesses and workers, healthcare solutions that place people above partisanship, and education that better prepares our children for an increasingly competitive job market. It is crucial that we face these challenges together as we continue to improve our community.

These are not the only issues we face, and I welcome your comments and suggestions. This website is designed to give voice to your ideas and concerns. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts. 

Without your support, our dreams for a brighter future are just dreams. Show your support today by contributing or volunteering. Even the smallest of donations can make a huge difference. 

Your friend,

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