About Doug

Doug, his wife Stephanie and their great-niece. 

Doug Clemens is a lifelong resident of the 72nd District. He grew up near Holman Middle School and now lives in St. Ann. He is a 1986 graduate of Pattonville Senior High School. After completing his degree in Political Science – International Relations and Economic Studies at the University of Missouri - Columbia in 1991, he returned to his home in Northwest County. “I understand the legislative and budgeting process of our government on a very intimate level, and living in the community, I see how those decisions affect local business and my neighbors,” said Clemens.

Doug and Stephanie’s family

Doug believes that the best service one can provide his community is to be a good and caring neighbor. “I grew up in a neighborhood where my neighbors were considered family; I have been back in this community since shortly after I earned my degree, almost 22 years. I consider my current neighbors part of my circle of friends and family, which is what makes this community so strong, this belief in taking care of your neighbor…” Clemens commented.

Doug has been an active member of his community. As a young man, Doug was a member of UAW Local 282 and UFCW Local 655. He has been a member of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce, the Home Builder’s Association, the Northwest Chamber of Commerce, the St. Louis Realtors Association, the Regional and Commercial Growth Association and the West Lake / Bridgeton Landfill Community Advisory Group. Presently, Doug works with a company installing live captioning phones in the homes of the hearing impaired through the Americans with Disabilities Act at no cost to the recipients.

Doug speaking about radioactive waste at West Lake Landfill

View from the audience at a West Lake CAG meeting.

Doug has also been very active in removing radioactive waste from our community. “When I was 13 my brother took me to an environmental meeting where Kay Drey pulled me aside to find out why I was there. When she found out where I lived she told me all about the radioactive waste at the airport and West Lake Landfill. Once I became 18, I started showing up to meetings and working to get the waste out of our community,” Clemens said. Doug was a founding member and first Chairman of the West Lake / Bridgeton Landfill Community Advisory Group. He served for over 4 years as Chairman of the organization. “I stepped down as Chair because this issue is about the health of our community not about politics or our campaign, it wouldn’t be appropriate to run for office and be in charge of such an important public organization,” he stated. Doug has appeared in two documentaries about St. Louis’ radioactive legacy: “The First Secret City” and “Atomic Homefront”. 

Doug continues to live in the area with his wife Stephanie. They are both graduates of Pattonville Class of ’86. Stephanie is an American Sign Language interpreter.  They have 2 dogs Pegg Wiggins (from Stray Rescue of St. Louis—we’re not sure why she came with her own last name!) and Chex who was adopted as a rescued puppy.

Doug and Stephanie visiting New York

Chex and Pegg Wiggins

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