As a Missouri House Representative, I believe that I can help attract and retain jobs in our state. Jobs offer the right to organize, provide fair pay, have benefits, and adhere to safety on the job. The things Missouri needs to attract jobs are not so much in the realm of tax incentives and low wages. In order to attract good jobs to Missouri we need to improve and continue to improve the social issues and infrastructure of the state. The areas we need to focus on are our educational system, health care, urban housing, transportation (including mass transportation in the metro areas), and the utility grid. Companies pass by Missouri because they can’t trust the future of educational or health care systems; they can’t readily find the infrastructure needed to serve the needs of their industry; and even worse, Missouri has a stigma left from our history of racial segregation and a historically underfunded educational system.

I do NOT support Right to Work legislation and will vote for the state to commit to using union businesses to fulfill state contracts.


Crime is a factor of poverty and desperation. If we truly want to reduce crime we need to work on our educational system, access to housing, and jobs which pay a living wage.

We also need to improve relationships between law enforcement and disenfranchised communities. 

I think it is a good idea to mandate regular rotating shifts where police officers are out of their cars walking or cycling a beat and interacting with the community on a more personal level.


Health care is an important issue to me and our campaign. My close high school friend and brother-in-law was paralyzed during a surgery a year and a half ago. My campaign manager, Zach Goldford, nearly died from the rapid onset of an autoimmune disease. The existing ACA allowed them both to receive the care they needed without loss of coverage and bankruptcy. 

The failure of the Missouri legislature to expand Medicare coverage under the ACA is a travesty. I will continue to push for the expansion of Medicaid for the people of Missouri. We also need to consider a state level system which fixes our broken health care system and ensures access to every Missourian. Systems to expand coverage like those being used in Iowa or a health care overhaul like that proposed in California are viable options.

I am committed to a system which provides access to health care for all.


Public education is a better option than private schools. For-profit institutions are looking after investors not the welfare of children.

To make our public educational system the best it can be we must increase funding for both capital improvements and staff. For many years we have failed to fully fund our educational formula. Finally last session we changed the formula not the funding. 

We need to listen to our educators. To become a teacher in the state of Missouri requires a great deal of work and expertise. Having teachers in local schools have representation on the local board would benefit us all.

We need to let our locally elected school boards have more control over their own districts. Missouri is vastly different in its geography, population dispersal, and demographics. Decisions about things that seem as simple as transportation are never one size fits all. Jefferson City can’t be left to dictate how each district should best meet its needs.


I support a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body. I don’t condone the interference of the state in the relationship between an individual and the medical professional treating them. I do not condone laws which blur the line between separation of church and state. No one likes the idea of abortion but they are going to happen, so they should be rare, safe, and legal.

I will support the protection of access to contraception, and support mandated coverage for state and private insurance.

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